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  1. Reza says:


    Im looking to attend a cododojo as an adult.I see you had one of these in March and would love to attend one in the near future.Im based in the south dublin area.If possible please let me know if any of these are coming up.

    Kindest regards,


    • Adrian says:

      Hi Reza,
      Thank you for your interest. Yes we did have an adult coderdojo session in March which was great fun & is something we hope to do in the future again.
      I think there may be some confusion about where CIT Blackrock Castle is based.
      We’re in Blackrock in Cork on the banks of the river Lee. The site hosts an excellent observatory and an awesome science exhibit.

      We will of course inform you of any future events.

      Warm Regards


      • Reza says:

        Hello Adrian,

        Thanks very much for your response and I’d really appreciate any further info on courses for adults. Sorry for confusion about which Blackrock.

        Kindest regards,


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