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One of our brightsparks, Ruth Whelan, attended a very special CoderDojo at the European Parliament this week. Here’s an account of her experience.

My day at the EU Parliament

Ruth Whelan | age 12 | 29/1/13

On Tuesday 29th January , the European Parliament hosted the first ever EU coder Dojo. I was amongst the 36 kids, including 26 from Ireland, as well as Spain, the UK, Slovenia and the Netherland.
Munster MEP Sean Kelly invited the delegation to hold a dojo event inside the parliament’s committee rooms. We divided into four groups, the first group did Scratch, the 2nd did Python Turtle, the 3rd Arduino/raspberry Pi and lastly the group i opted for did HTML Ratchet(an app developing programme).
After we had worked for a half an hour , MEP Sean Kelly , Bill liao ( co founder of coder dojo )James Whelton (Other co founder of coder dojo )and four other MEP’s gave brief welcoming speeches.
At the end of the session we were given the opportunity to showcase our work.I demonstrated my web site : came up on three big over-head projectors.It was a great opportunity!
After the presentations we packed up and headed over to the parlimentarium, a visitors center where they explain the development of the EU parliment since 1950.This was an amazing experience and i would love to return !
I really enjoyed my day at the EU parliment !

Thanks to all involved in CoderDojo.



Well done to Ruth and all involved from all @ CoderDojo BCO.

FYI. make sure you check out Ruth’s awesome website


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